Daredevil Season 3: 10 Ways To Make The Perfect Born Again Adaptation

1. Lay The Groundwork For Kingpin's Fall

Daredevil Last Rites
Marvel Comics

While any adaptation of Miller's seminal storyline will obviously have to put ol' horn-head through his paces, it is Fisk who eventually emerges the loser in the pair's contest.

Matt Murdock's victory is more of a subtle one in the original comic book, with Fisk having emerged from the feud with his reputation in tatters. Of course, the MCU's Kingpin has little if any reputation to speak of, now that he's behind bars. What he does have, however, is plenty of connections, and it's not at all disingenuous to predict that he'll be making an effort to rebuild his public image upon his inevitable release from prison.

The fact of the matter is that these connections (and Fisk's own insecurity regarding his image) are easily weaponised, as was the case in D. G. Chichester's 'Last Rites' - a distant sequel to Miller's original work. The very antithesis of Born Again, Chichester's work saw the Man Without Fear destroy Fisk's criminal empire from the ground up, utilising the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. to target the Kingpin's associates before confronting the man in question himself.

It's not a necessary part of the story, but to lay the seeds of Fisk's downfall (or to see the inverse on the small screen itself) would be a welcome opportunity. The show could also find inspiration in Brian Bendis' run on the character, where - after having seen the Kingpin one time too many - Daredevil beat Fisk and declared himself the new Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen. There are plenty of potential avenues for Matt to get his revenge, but - more importantly - the balance of power must shift by the series' end. Daredevil's not a perennial punching bag, y'know.

Either way, it's clear that Fisk will be taking things up a notch when Daredevil returns to Netflix next year. It remains to be seen what shape the series will take, but, if things are taking a Born Again direction, then we can only hope that Matt - and his allies - are prepared.

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