DC Reveal Titans Trailer, And It's All Wrong

Have DC ruined their streaming service already?

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DC's new streaming service (titled DC Universe), looked to be off to a promising start with its debut trailer released the other month. A bevy of shows old and new are set to land when it launches later this year, with the most anticipated - arguably - being Titans, a live action show based on DC's premier sidekick ensemble from the comics.

And now, in the run up to San Diego Comic Con 2018, fans have been given their first proper look at the series, and it's... well, it's a departure.

Though prior photos of Brenton Thwaites in the Robin suit provided ample encouragement for fans desperate to see the Boy Wonder in live action, worries did linger regarding the tone of the series. The actual Titans comic was never afraid to broach mature themes of course, but the dark colour-pallet of those stills bore all the inflections of the DCEU - a franchise now lampooned by its competitors (see, Deadpool) for its needlessly dark tone.

And now with the first official trailer for Titans having released, it looks as though those comparisons were apt. Thwaites' Robin (who no, isn't Jason Todd as one might've gathered) literally opens things up by saying "f**k Batman", before going on to murder a host of goons - even taking the liberty to snap one of their necks in the process while blood spatters across his face.

Tonally, it looks as though Warner Bros. have misjudged this one completely. It's a trend that's seemingly typified most DC media in recent years, as a fatal misunderstanding of what makes their source material so compelling typifies most adaptations - whether they be TV or film - save for Wonder Woman.

It's not a great look, one could say, and while there are plenty of other reasons to stay interested in DC's streaming service, it looks as though this particular series won't be one of them.

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