DCEU: 10 Actors Who Should Play Nightwing

Fan-casting Bludhaven's dark knight...


In the cold light of day, it would probably be an awful lot easier - and possibly better - if Warner Bros and DC just drop the DCEU, bring in stand-alone movies and focus instead on a Batman Cinematic Universe that could include the Bat-Family (from Nightwing to Huntress and Azrael), the Rogues' Gallery, Gotham City Sirens and his own movies. Then he can stop being the cool crutch the Justice League leans way too heavily on.

Maybe that's asking too much when we're already being gifted exciting projects like the long-mooted Nightwing movie? Maybe Warner Bros can have their Bat-cake and eat it? As long as they don't break any more directors along the way, the future could still look very rosy. We've still got a very talented director handling The Batman, we've still got Affleck, we've still got more spin-offs and now we have the famously well-buttocked former Boy Wonder to add to the mix.

And though some fans will only judge potential Nightwing candidates on the strength of their glutes (since the comics have increasingly become intoxicated with him having a tuckus you could bounce a penny off), there's more to this job than being young, gifted and stacked. But thankfully, there's a lot of talent in Hollywood who make for an interesting casting line-up for Bludhaven's bravest knight...

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