MCU: 5 Weird (But Plausible) Casting Choices For Wolverine

People were initially sceptical about Hugh Jackman's casting, and look how great he turned out.

Marvel Comics

The conundrum of replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is a tough one.

Other than the character's famed shortness, Jackman was perfect for the role - nailing the performance as much as Robert Downey Jr. did for Iron Man or Heath Ledger did for Joker. Having anyone try to live up to that is a monumental task.

Someone still has to do it though, due to the fact that Marvel seem intent on not going down the sensible route of letting X-23 be the MCU's Wolvie. As such, fans all seem to have an idea of who they want to be playing the cantankerous canuck, though these ideas all seem to centre around the same names: Taron Egerton, Tom Hardy and - for some reason - Scott Eastwood.

It's fair to see why - most of these actors bearing qualities that would make them suitable choices.

Despite this, there are some other actors that seem to have flown under the radar as wonderful picks for the part. They may seem like an odd choice to start, but hopefully this list will help to show that them playing Wolverine is not only plausible, but perhaps even desirable.

Brace yourself, bub.


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