MCU: Casting The Remaining (Relevant) Asgardians

Want to see Thor as a frog? So do we!

Angela Thor
Marvel Comics

After the success of Thor Ragnarok, there's a pretty good chance that we'll be seeing some more Asgardians in the MCU. It's pretty likely that Thor will return to the big screen in his own solo film after Avengers: Endgame, and with Loki already confirmed to have his own TV spin-off on Disney+, who's to say other Asgardians won't follow?

The Asgardians of the Galaxy are due a comeback, and with Guardians 3 currently on ice, it could be something which could either be a straight up replacement for that film, or a mix between a Ragnarok sequel and an end to Gunn's trilogy.

It could also possibly feature a line-up of characters from both series, or alternatively, it could just be the fourth Thor film everyone is so desperate to see. Get Taika Waititi to return, and Marvel would have yet another surefire hit on their hands.

In any case, there are still several key Asgardians yet to make their big screen debut, and yes, they are all infinitely more interesting than the Warriors Three...


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