MCU Fantastic Four: 10 Characters Who Must Appear (And Who Should Play Them)

The Four will eventually be joining the MCU, but who will play them?


Marvel's first family have certainly had it tough when it comes to big screen adaptations, the first being a film that not many have even heard of, let alone watched, and the next two having ultimately failed to deliver. The fourth, meanwhile, chose to deviate from the source material a bit more, but boasted similarly poor results.

However, with Marvel finally having the on-screen rights to the characters back within their grasp, we may finally see a truly great Fantastic Four film, one set within the MCU alongside the Avengers and even the X-Men too, which is an extremely exciting prospect for fans to contemplate.

But every movie needs a great cast before it can actually be made, so here are some suggestions for who should portray the group, and their surrounding characters, for the fifth attempt at getting them right on the big screen.

10. Reed Richards - John Krasinski


Reed Richards really doesn't need any introduction, being the character who is often seen leading the Fantastic Four, as well as the best hero to have the stretchy-powers that can now be seen in everything from the Doom Patrol to the Incredibles.

Last year, John Krasinski made it loud and clear that he wanted to be the one to play Mr. Fantastic in the MCU, and frankly, he has good reason to do so. The actor shares some striking similarities with the character visually, not to mention the fact he's of pretty good calibre in terms of his talents.

As such, since this statement, many have been touting Krasinski as the one who must portray the character, meaning that if Marvel did cast him, it would be very exciting for a lot of fans, I mean, how can they not? Especially after all that fan art.


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