MCU Phase 4: 10 Comic Book Panels That Must Be Recreated

10. Bucky Dons The Suit

Bucky Becomes Captain America
Marvel Comics

When Captain America was unceremoniously offed in the wake of Civil War, there was only ever going to be one man to replace him: Bucky Barnes.

While Ed Brubaker's decision to axe Cap proved to be controversial at the time, the seminal 'Death of Captain America' storyline represents something of a highpoint for the creator's run on the character, with Brubaker and Steve Epting taking the book in a bold new direction with an even bolder protagonist.

The great thing about Bucky's Cap is that we get to see him struggle to reconcile with the identity Steve created. He's still very much his own man, but the suit is, at first, more his cross to bear than it is a liberating alter-ego. It takes time, and none other than Black Widow is the one to guide Bucky through his newfound responsibilities as the nation's venerable First Avenger.

We still don't know if Chris Evans' Cap will be biting the bullet come Avengers 4, but if he is, then Sebastian Stan must surely be looking to take a starring role as his replacement. The actor's Marvel contract has long been a topic of conversation in online circles, and with Evans' exit from the role looking increasingly likely by the day, we could be seeing Bucky don the red, white and blue much sooner than we all expected.

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