MCU Phase 5: Predicting The NEW Avengers Lineup

When the Earth is in trouble once more, who will be its mightiest heroes?

Avengers 5 Lineup
Marvel Studios

Avengers Phase 4 is underway and Phase 5 is just a few years off, what with 4 being planned to be the shortest phase thus far. Not that that short time frame has allowed us to be privy to what Phase 5 has in store for us, mind, but we can definitely make some educated guesses.

The Fantastic Four will definitely show up, as will the X-Men, and of course it's only a matter of time before we get a new Avengers film.

Marvel is definitely wise for giving it as much time as they currently are before continuing off of Avengers Endgame. But who will actually, ya know, be ON the team when it does happen? After all, besides Mark Ruffalo - who thanks to Endgame fusing him and The Hulk together permanently, can officially play The Hulk for the rest of his life - the original Avengers cast have said their goodbyes for the most part to the MCU. So we need some new blood, and fortunately, Phase 4 is giving us a lot of options to work with on that front.

These are the heroes that I predict will be part of the New Avengers in MCU Phase 5.

6. Shang-Chi

Avengers 5 Lineup
Marvel Comics

Phase 4 is going to introduce a LOT of new characters, from Ms. Marvel, to Kate Bishop, to some we'll get into later. It's only natural that the New Avengers should have at least a few of these new faces taking up the roster.

And there's no better place to start with that than Shang-Chi, who will be played by Simu Liu in the upcoming film.

Shang-Chi is the most powerful fighter in the Marvel universe, a master of martial arts that can go through entire buildings of bad guys the way a four-year-old goes through a plate of spaghetti without breaking a sweat. The son of the criminal mastermind Zheng Zu, a long standing Marvel villain, Shang-Chi has stuck around for decades despite not being all that popular. Fortunately, that looks to change with the release of his film whenever the world stops being on fire for five damn minutes.

A lot of the new MCU characters like Kamala Khan and Kate Bishop are a bit too young to join the Avengers quite yet, but Shang-Chi is a perfect fit. As is the next entry...


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