MCU X-Men: 10 Comic Book Storylines Marvel Must Adapt

Can Marvel succeed where Fox failed?

Marvel X Men
Marvel Comics

Now that the Fox merger is complete, and with Avengers: Endgame about to close one chapter of the MCU, the question on every fan's mind is when and how the X-Men will find themselves in this already large universe.

Having already seen the integration of Spider-Man after Sony and Marvel Studios struck a deal to include the wall-crawler in the MCU's films, it's fairly safe to assume some similar methods will be used.

The X-Men could simply exist already and Marvel Studios could gloss over their origins to have them serving as a fully-fledged team from the get go, and, most importantly, they can explore some different storylines than those used by Fox during their run of mutant-centric pictures too.

However, with that in mind, any storylines already used for Fox's films won't be considered. That means no Days of Future Past and no Apocalypse, but luckily for True Believers there are dozens of bright and inventive X-Men stories still to choose from.

Spanning decades, various teams, costumes and solo series', here are the X-Men books that could yet inspire a whole new generation of X-Men on the big screen...

10. The Killing Dream

Marvel X Men
Marvel Comics

If Marvel Studios want to do anything big to differentiate their take on the X-Men property from Fox's then they may be so bold as to leave Wolverine on the shelf; at least for the beginnings of their MCU inclusion. What better replacement for the Adamantium-clawed Canucklehead than his genetic clone and adopted daughter Laura Kinney?

It would be a brave move, and the perfect way to introduce her without retreading the old ground of her origins covered in 2017's Logan would be with The Killing Dream.

Marjorie Liu's solo series for X-23 begins with The Killing Dream, in which X-23 starts having terrible nightmares that could easily be used to tell her past.

This solo adventure would allow X-23 to shine, without having to cover the much darker aspects of earlier outing NYX, in which Laura plays a prostitute for masochistic clients.

Finally, the inclusion of a partner in Gambit would make for a perfect way to show X-23's grittiness while also giving X-Men comics fans a perfect adaptation of Remy Etienne LeBeau.


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