Ranking Every Spider-Man Cartoon From Worst To Best

Does whatever a spider can!


Spider-Man was first introduced in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, but was given his own title, The Amazing Spider-Man, a year later due to the character's immediate popularity. Spider-Man was here to stay and it wasn't long before fans got to see their Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler in animated form.

Within only five years of his arrival in comics, Spidey swung onto kids' television sets. Over the years, the animated format was rebooted into a total of nine series, all with their own unique take on the character.

To determine which of these nine series is the best of them all, you have to look past the dated animation from the earlier entries and focus on what's important: storytelling, character development, and frankly, was it entertaining?

While there are certainly some series that were better than the rest, even the lowest-ranking Spider-Man cartoon was still a series many fans remember fondly. With that, True Believer, it's time to see which Spider-Man animated series was the best of them all!

9. Spider-Man Unlimited (1999)

Spider-Man Unlimited is widely considered to be the poorest entry in Spidey's animated universe. The series premiered in 1999 at a time when revamping comic book characters was all the rage. DC had just released Batman Beyond, so Marvel decided to try their hand at a slightly different Spider-Man.

The series only lasted one season... and it ended on a cliffhanger, but hardly anyone cared seeing as the story was so "out of this world," it didn't bring in a ton of viewers.

Spider-Man Unlimited began with the discovery of another planet in an opposing orbit to Earth (always hidden by the sun). J. Jonah Jameson's son took off in a rocket to check it out, but Carnage and Venom made things difficult and Jameson ended up lost on Counter-Earth.

It's up to Spider-Man to save him, so he snagged a suit from Reed Richards and made his way to the planet. The series plays out as hokey... as if it's trying too hard and the alternate Earth setting failed to work. The animation was on-point and the altered costume for Spider-Man was definitely well-done, but overall, the series wasn't great... or good, which is why it sits at #9 on the list.


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