Ranking Every Spider-Man Cartoon From Worst To Best

7. Spider-Man (1967)

The animation may be terrible by today's standards, but Spider-Man's first foray into the world of animation is one of the most beloved. Its catchy opening tune became popular among fans and will be stuck in your head should you dare to watch the video above!

This series did a great job capturing the true character of Spider-Man. Not only did he have to save the city whenever a threat would arise, Peter Parker also had to deal with his ever-ailing Aunt May, his desperate need to pay the rent, and his love life's constant interruptions.

The series had an ridiculously low budget, which resulted in the constant reuse of stock footage. Spidey would confront one of his many villains for a few minutes, and then spend most of the episode swinging through the city.

While it was hampered by a low budget, the series still managed to tell the story of Spider-Man in a fun and exciting way. For older fans, this is the series they remember, and it is the only one that truly defined the character for a whole generation of fans.


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