The Umbrella Academy Season 2: 10 Shocking Comic Moments That Must Happen

Containing all the chicken-horses and presidential assassinations you could ever want - and more!


With the teasers for season 2 of the Umbrella Academy being released last week - and with it being predicted to be set for the end of 2020 - it's worth considering what this portion of the show will actually contain.

And this is a complicated game, as while the Netflix hit adapted huge portion of the comic series it came from, it also changed many, many things. Not only did it have a completely different ending to the first volume of it's written nameksake, but it also took from parts of all three volumes that have been currently released, leaving it in a proverbial limbo as to what it could and would take from next.

Which is weirdly actually a perfect set up, as when you combine the fact the producers are willing to take from any part of the comics with the fact that season 1 ends with the gang going back in time, you're left with the simple fact that anything from the comic series could appear in this next installment. And with such an absolutely wonderful and wild selection of moments from the graphic novel left, it's a sure bet that even more shocking moments from the comic will appear in the show once again.


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