Titans Season 2 Premiere: 7 Ups & 2 Downs From 'Trigon'


7. A Bigger Line-Up Of Heroes

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When we all first found out that we'd be getting a Titans TV series, it was hard not to fantasize about all the great DC heroes that could make their presence felt on the show. But the first season's grounded approach resulted in us only really getting to know four of them and, as strong as some episodes were, many felt it was impossible for Titans to achieve its full potential without more, well, Titans.

Well, the Season 2 premiere wasted absolutely no time putting things right. Not only were Dick, Rachel, Kory and Gar all at the centre of the story, they were supported by past Titans Hank Hall, Dawn Granger and Donna Troy, as well as the new Robin, Jason Todd.

The reintroduction of these characters suddenly made their standalone episodes in the already-short first season feel a lot more relevant, while immediately putting viewers on notice, letting us all know that Season 2 would give us the Titans-heavy show we had been waiting on.

More heroes means more potential for story and, quite simply, more fun.

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