Transformers Quiz: Who's That Decepticon?

Transformers are more than meets the eye, so can your eye spot the Decepticons and score 100%?

Transformers Starscream Cartoon
Paramount Pictures

Transformers have been a major multimedia franchise since the first comic book was published all the way back in 1994. That same year, an incredibly popular comic book led to lines of toys, video games, more comics, and a live-action film franchise that keeps going.

Throughout all the years the Transformers have been around, there have been tons of characters, and for every Decepticon, there's an Autobot (and vise-versa). New characters have been introduced in comics and television to such an extent; few fans could recognize them all.

There are literally hundreds of Transformers characters, so it would take a die-hard fan to be able to identify them all, so what about 30? This quiz features 30 of the most popular Decepticons from the various media platforms featuring Transformers, so the time has come to test your knowledge of all things Decepticon!

Because Transformers have popped up in various media, the images in this quiz come from cartoons, live-action films, video games, toys, and comic books, so you better be able to recognize key characteristics if you have any hope of scoring 100%. Also, only the robot forms are shown here, so no hints from their vehicles... Good luck!

1. Who's That Decepticon?


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