Watchmen TV Show - 10 Theories From The New Teaser

Pirates AND cults? HBO know what the people want.


With the new Watchmen HBO show set to release this fall, its trailer sets up a suitably hog-wild and dramatic environment for the series to make good on.

The series is set to be based twenty years on from the 1988 setting of the original Watchmen, and revolves around how America and its society has changed in the wake of the massacre that the comic ends on.

One of the best thing about this trailer, in a strange way, is that it is totally void of any definitive insight into the plot itself.

We're shown the elements - the Rorschach masks and the drama and the return of some fascinating characters - but in such a way that almost everyone who watches the trailer has a slightly different idea of what the series' story will be every time they watch it. As such, an impressive number of theories have been raised about basically every individual second of the minute long trailer, and somehow all of them seem feasible.

Between questionable cults, ambiguous character reveals, and more suggested plot depth in one trailer than exist in some entire comics, the mystery of the trailer only makes it seem all the more interesting.

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