What The Boys' Cast Look Like In The Comics

Making big changes to big heroes.

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Adapting The Boys' assorted cast of maniacs for a television format can only have been a difficult task. With all the cast having such distinctive looks, managing to change them enough that they work for the 'big screen' without ruining what makes the character unique must be the stuff of production-based nightmares for many.

Perhaps more importantly, given that so many of these characters are parodies of well-known, well-loved characters with very protected copyrights means that it's a delicate tightrope to walk between having a character appear close to the subject of their mockery, and outright mocking them and receiving legal action in turn.

With both of these requirements being so temperamental, it's nothing short of magic that the production team appears to have nailed pretty much every major character in terms of getting the right feel for them. Despite some pretty major changes - including at one point outright replacing a character - the characters work both separately and together just as well as in the comic series, in a way that feels so close to the original it's downright unnerving.

With that in mind, it's worth seeing just how close the revamped characters are to their original comic form - and what reasons there may be for any changes made along the way.

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