Who Made Infinity Stones In MCU?

A brief look at the MCU's Infinity Stones, with theories as to where they come from.

Marvel Studios

The Infinity Stones (or the Infinity Gems if you want to bring semantics into this) are the be-all and end-all of Marvel comics. A collection of six stones, the Infinity Stones seemingly date back to the origin of the universe and each one is capable of manipulating their respective element to unheard of heights.

The Space Stone, the Reality Stone, the Power Stone, the Mind Stone, the Time Stone and the Soul Stone; each one (so far with the exception of the latter in regards to the MCU) has featured prominently through Marvel’s history, yet the MCU appears to have taken their significance to a whole new level.

Usually whenever one of these omnipotent artefacts are present they’re the focus of the film in question, taking a different form or name before ultimately being revealed as one of the Infinity Stones.

The origin of these items has differed from publication to publication, yet there’s the overhanging question of what’s true in the MCU. So it’s time to look to the sourced material and attempt to theorise where these powerful plot devices come from in one of modern days most beloved franchises.

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