X-Men Apocalypse: 10 Comic Book Mistakes The Film Should Avoid

Please don't turn Oscar Isaac blue, X-Men...

Finally, it looks like Marvel's Mightiest Mutants are getting their due on the big screen. Fox appear to have learned from the awful Last Stand and Wolverine spin-offs and realised that the best X-Men movies are the ones that hew closer to the source material. Last year's Days Of Future Past was easily the best X-movie yet, adapting one of the iconic comic storylines. Striking while the iron's hot, director Bryan Singer went straight into a sequel. As Days Of Future Past was a seventies period piece (following the template set by Matthew Vaughan's sixties-tastic First Class), so will X-Men: Apocalypse take place in another long-forgotten time: the eighties, as evidenced by the sweet styles of the cast in set photos. Expect a killer soundtrack, too. As that title implies, this new film will be another adaptation of a classic comic story. Namely, Age Of Apocalypse, another big world-shaking event that saw the Marvel Universe torn asunder by some time-travelling shenanigans that put First Mutant Apocalypse in charge of the world. You might recognise him from the end of Days Of Future Past. Despite being such a huge deal at the time, though, Age Of Apocalypse was not a particularly good story. Days Of Future Past took some liberties with its adaptation, but the new X-Men film would do well to divert from the source material even further. From ditching the bad costumes to ignoring some weird romantic pairings, here are ten comic book mistakes the film should avoid.

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