Young Justice: Outsiders - Everything We Know So Far

What can we expect from DC Universe's latest animated series?

Warner Bros.

Launching in 2011 on Cartoon Network, Young Justice came out of the gate without a great deal of enthusiasm surrounding it - Teen Titans was all the rage on the network, and it seemed like Warner Bros. was just trying to pump out a similar show to ride its coattails.

Yet, that assumption was completely wrong. It featured the cream of the crop of DC’s Animation department telling fantastic long-format arcs with a grown-up angle that wasn't afraid to shake things up either. And then it was cancelled - supposedly because it wasn't shifting enough toys.

It was predictable from a business point of view since it had gained a loyal following of adults over Cartoon Network’s kiddie audience. Fortunately, those same loyal fans petitioned with a steadfast determination over six years to convince WB to bring the show back and, in 2016, WB finally gave in and announced the third season - Young Justice: Outsiders.

So what can we expect? Since production began, things have been extremely tight-lipped but from brief promo snippets and minor leaks, we were able to assemble a summary of what has leaked through the cracks to give fans some juicy tidbits.


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