007 Reasons Timothy Dalton Was Actually A Fantastic Bond

licence-to-kill-3 When you take on the role of James Bond there is only one thing the world guarantees for sure. You're going to take lots and lots of unsubstantiated crap from fans and critics alike for the rest of your existence. While I'm also sure there are some excellent perks to the job, it seems that every Bond besides Connery has gotten the ill end of a harsh bashing. Even Daniel Craig took heat until Casino Royale graced the screen, immediately shutting up the neighsayers behind a veil of shame. Some Bonds, however, still take the brunt of criticism even after they've proven themselves. This was the case for George Lazenby, but mostly true for the short-lived 007 career of Timothy Dalton. Even when praised it seems that Dalton is never quite given the respect he deserves for the two films that he did. Not to mention the appreciation for the importance his involvement had on the franchise as a whole.

7. Saved the Franchise in the 80s

a-view-to-a-kill-teaser-pos Roger Moore was a fantastic Bond. Sure it is easy to make fun of his one-upping of hokey villains, playboy Bond, who hid most of his character's subtext in a raised eyebrow, but Moore did wonders for making the films lively entertainment while keeping the series alive through the 70s. However in the 80s it became time for a change. Moore was reaching his mid-50s and had held onto the role for perhaps a film too long. His welcome as Bond was thinning with the release of Octopussy and A View to a Kill (the only film Moore regrets doing) was the final nail in the coffin. Someone new was needed and they would have to be someone who could save the franchise by taking it in a fresh new direction. Enter Timothy Dalton, the true 80s Bond (both his films came out before the 90s). Dalton was already a huge fan of both the movies and books and he had a lot of good ideas as to what the producers should do with Bond next. Producer Albert Brocolli listened to his new leading man and his next film, The Living Daylights went on to become one of the most successful Bond films of all time. Yes, in a way, Dalton, like Craig, saved the franchise.

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