10 2016 Movie Characters Who Probably Died Horrible Deaths

She never got to Houston.

10 Cloverfield Lane Mary Elizabeth Winstead

A movie doesn't really end when the credits roll, with the Internet giving everyone a voice to posit their own theories about how the action continues and what happens to the surviving characters.

While ambiguous endings are very much en vogue at the moment, filmmakers often nod and hint towards very specific things, and in the case of these 10 movies, it sure as Hell seems like certain characters aren't long for this world.

From characters who are specifically targeted as the movie comes to an end, to those who may have simply left a thread hanging or tried to get away with too much, these characters are all sure to meet their unfortunate comeuppance in one way or another. Furthermore, it's probably not going to be very pleasant, regardless of whether you love them or hate them.

Here are 10 characters from 2016 movies who probably died horrible deaths...

10. Seth Rogen & Edward Norton - Sausage Party

10 Cloverfield Lane Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Seth Rogen's outrageous animated comedy concludes with Firewater (Bill Hader) and Gum (Scott Underwood) coming to the realisation that they and all their supermarket pals are cartoons created by human animators and voiced by the likes of Seth Rogen and Edward Norton.

Gum has built a stargate which will allow him and the other groceries to travel to the "real world" and "cut their strings", implying that they plan to murder Rogen, Norton, any other voice actors and of course, the animators themselves.

Considering the brutality the groceries unleashed in the supermarket alone, it's safe to say their voice actors are in for one Hell of a grim demise.


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