10 "Important" Movies Nobody Actually Likes

From Citizen Kane to Space Odyssey, some 'important' films just aren't liked that well...

2001 Space Odyssey

5 stars. 100% Rotten tomatoes rating. A movie for the ages. Blah, blah, blah. Any film which is described as basically perfect always smells a little too good to be true, unless we are talking about Die Hard or Jaws, in which case, fair enough.

But the films on this list have the common trait of being overwhelmingly pretentious, with plot holes brushed over because they have 'something to say'. Characters are often under developed and there is a focus on cinematography that treats itself as art rather than a way to engage the audience visually with the story.

More frustratingly these films ask plenty of questions but refuse to give any answers. The filmmakers may feel that they're being clever, but instead they just don't appear to have the storytelling skills to answer these questions in meaningful or interesting ways.

We're giving movie reviewers and film connoisseurs a wake up call, as we explore films that are supposedly important, but are just ineffectual and boring.

10. Mother!

2001 Space Odyssey

Any film that receives glowing reviews supported with arguments that the film is completely open to interpretation are always a worry. Sure, the films might look interesting and build up the suspense in a decent fashion, but it also is a strong indicator of a film that has put style over substance.

Such is the case with Darren Aronofsky's Mother! (or mother!, or some other variation) a bizarre mess of a film that throws weird and disturbing imagery at the viewer in the hope that we won't realise that there is no good ideas here. Some critics saw it as an allegory for God, others for mother earth, while others saw it as a critique of film critics. Well that's the great thing about art, if you look at any nonsense long enough you can come up with any meaning from it you like.

There is no real storyline to process, just a bunch of random people gatecrashing a house while the wife panics and the husband looks on blissfully. In fairness to Aronofsky, he wrote the script in a weekend, and had anyone had the decency to give him some feedback then this turkey may not have been quite so intolerable.


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