10 80s Films That Deserve The TV Reboot Treatment

10. Road House

United Artists

Road House tells the rather macho story of professional 'cooler' James Dalton (Patrick Swayze). Bringing the story to the modern day a probing eye could be turned on what kind of legacy a man like Dalton might leave. Not only this, but a potential series could explore what place that kind of masculinity has in the 21st Century in a world where maleness is constantly reshaping and adapting itself for modern sensibilities.

Placing the story within a TV show format, as opposed to a new film, will allow for the supporting characters to be more developed and gives time for the protagonist to evolve over time in a more nuanced way.

How It Should Work

The son of James Dalton looks to connect to the father he never knew by becoming a professional cooler in America's most dangerous bar. However, he also has tackle raising his young daughter all on his own whilst falling for a struggling artist who sees him as nothing but a meat head. Think Creed meets Logan with a hint of UFC.

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