10 80s Films That Deserve The TV Reboot Treatment

9. Real Genius

Goonies Chunk
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Real Genius saw Val Kilmer and Gabriel Jarret starring as Chris and Mitch, two young geniuses who are recruited by a college professor under false pretences. The film promotes the idea that kids need to be kids before they embark on adult endeavours. Fast forward to present day the film's values become flipped.

As adults these characters would now have to learn a different lesson: Being an adult (i.e having a stable career and providing for a family) takes priority over a selfish desire to have fun and be a kid again. Whilst of course it is never as black and white as this, for a serial prankster such as Chris growing up and embracing maturity might be in order.

A TV show would allow for time to re-establish the characters and discover what has become of them, and a sitcom format could compliment a show potentially full of shenanigans.

How It Should Work

A washed-up Chris Knight, who never made good on his potential must redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter and estranged wife and put his mind to good use. For this work he must reconnect with old friend and motivator Mitch who has his own bag of middle-aged issues to deal with.

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