10 '90s Slasher Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

Looking at some sick '90s slashers you might have missed.

Popcorn 1991
Studio Three Film Corporation

The '70s and '80s are regarded as the golden age for slashers. Thanks to creative scary films like Hush, Happy Death Day, and 2018's Halloween, the genre has had a resurgence in recent years, terrifying a whole new generation.

But during the '90s, slashers went into a noticeable decline, since horror films like Se7en, Misery, and Silence of the Lambs focused on more realistic psychopaths. Excluding Scream, it's difficult to think of a single movie during this decade revolving around a masked serial killer.

Rest assured, there were a few that managed to slip under the radar. Although you're aware of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend, even the biggest horror fans may have never heard of Campfire Tales, Popcorn, Star Time, or Body Bags. Even though these slashers aren't as iconic as A Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday the 13th, there's enough grisly action and clever twists in these lesser-known features to satiate any horror junkie.

If you're a movie fanatic who feels like you've seen every horror under the sun, don't worry. You'll be happy to know the '90s have a whole treasure trove of bloody and gruesome slashers that are dying to be discovered.

10. Basket Case 3

Popcorn 1991
Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment

Basket Case follows a man called Duane, who's constantly carrying a basket containing the deformed body of his former conjoined twin, Belial. Furious they were separated against their will, the brothers plan to kill the surgeons who performed the operation on them.

As bonkers as Basket Case is, the sequels crank the craziness to a whole new level, especially Basket Case 3. In the series' third outing, Belial impregnates a woman - despite the fact he's a bodiless torso - causing her to give birth to a 12 malformed babies. When the progeny are kidnapped by the police, Belial is compelled to go on another killing spree.

Is Basket Case 3 a great film? Not even a little bit.

Is it more original than most slashers? 100% yes.

If you've grown tired of how derivative the genre is, this threequel will feel like a welcome change. After all, Basket Case 3 is the only slasher to conclude with a bodiless serial killer hunting his victims in a robotic exoskeleton. (Yes, that actually happens.) For that reason alone, every true horror fan should give Basket Case 3 a go.


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