10 '90s Slasher Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

9. Body Bags

Popcorn 1991

Body Bags was originally envisioned as an anthological horror series, in the same vein as Tales from the Crypt. When Showtime pulled the plug, the project was reworked into a tv movie, which consisted of three stories.

It's a shame Body Bags got the boot, since it had a lot of potential. Not only did John Carpenter write and direct the first two tales, he plays a creepy mortician, who serves as the overseeing narrator. (It's also worth mentioning the Halloween director is a surprisingly charismatic actor and has impeccable comic timing.)

The first story is a conventional slasher, following a serial killer who's stalking a newly hired attendant at the gas station. The second chapter centres around Stacy Keach's character changing physically and mentally after having an experimental hair transplant. In the final story, Mark Hamill's character finds himself experiencing murderous urges after he's surgically implanted with the eye of a killer.

Not only are each of these tales entertaining, they are littered with cameos, which are sure to keep horror purists entertained. (Appearances from Wes Craven, Roger Corman, and Sam Raimi are well appreciated.)


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