10 Absurd Movie Deaths That A Normal Person Could Have Avoided

When Nature calls, sometimes it's best just to ignore it.

People die in movies all the time. After all, what€™s the most dramatic outcome of any action; the action takers death of course. We all understand death; we can all empathise with a character€™s horror at the discovery of a body, their anguish at the loss of a loved one. That€™s why even the tamest of movies often deal with death (case in point: Bambi), because as a dramatic device, death sits at the top of the pile. I€™ve loved movies for as long as I can remember and by now, I must have seen thousands of characters shuffle off this mortal coil. Most of the time characters die for something. I can accept that I€™d have died in the same situation and the resulting resonance causes a connection to the deceased, or drives home the severity of a situation. But then every now and again, you€™ll witness a movie death that makes you say €œHold on€ that was a bit f***ing stupid€. This piece is dedicated to those moments; those moments where, if we were caught in the same life threatening situation as the character, without being burdened by movie character stupidity, we€™d have quite probably (sometimes definitely) survived.

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