10 Absurd Phobias Influenced By Horror Movies

thebirds1 By definition, all phobias are irrational, and while some are a bit more justifiable than others, the grand majority are mostly the result of our own anxieties more so than any real problems. People also love being scared, which explains the ubiquitous popularity of the horror genre, and what better way to scare yourself than by using horror films to exasperate what is technically an anxiety disorder? Join me as I take a look at ten phobias and the horror films that truly do each justice. The film may be devoted to a single concept that relates to the phobia in question or it may just happen to have a particularly noteworthy scene that could influence the phobia in a person. While I'll be trying not to spoil major plot points for the films mentioned, certain sequences and scares may be spoiled, you€™ve been warned!

10. Needles - Saw II (1999)

needlepit Starting off the list we have trypanophobia or, the delightfully named, needle phobia. Arguably one of the more controversial €œabsurd€ phobias, and I suspect this is because needle phobia is so pervasive, supposedly affecting up to 10% of the population. It€™s a bit more of an understandable fear; needles are sharp, long and they do stab you, but they are also integral to numerous medical procedures. For most people, they're going to be unavoidable, which probably lends to the fear. As for the film which truly makes good use of this phobia, I€™ll have to give this one to Saw II. This is the only Saw film I€™ve ever really liked, mainly because of its ridiculous plot. Something about groups of people in enclosed locations being forced into games of life and death is really entertaining. It features a sequence in which one character is thrown into a pit of used syringes with the goal of finding a key. It€™s a scene designed to make you cringe and squirm, and while watching it you can almost feel the dozens of filthy little needles stuck into your skin.

Evan Tavares is a film student that enjoys cooking, television and gory foreign horror films, at least according to his Netflix recommendations.