10 Accidental Masterpieces From Otherwise Bad Directors

10. Star Wars €“ George Lucas

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas was Hollywood's golden boy. He was a young director hot out of film school who had made an obscure sci-fi film called THX 1138. This got Hollywood's attention and he was given a chance to make a small semi-autobiographical film called American Graffiti. While certainly successful at the time, this film would open the door for what we really know George Lucas for €“ Star Wars. Star Wars changed the way films were made and marketed. It introduced the world to a cast of memorable characters: with names like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Vader. An epic story of good versus evil in a world so real we could taste it, despite the fact it was set in outer space. On paper, Star Wars could have been laughable but the classic struggle of the little guys against the big bullies was something that resonated within something inside many of us. You know the rest of the story concerning the Star Wars franchise. It's still culturally relevant to this day and will continue to be for many, many more years, at least. Now, it must be stated that placing George Lucas on this list is not easy, but it must be done. Despite his writing and producing prowess, he is simply not a good director. All the greatness that he brought to the original trilogy was tarnished by the prequel trilogy that he single-handedly directed himself. His actors roam around the CG environments like cardboard cut-outs in a space themed shooting- gallery. Stiff dialog and bad acting seem to only serve the purpose of bridging the two trilogies. The material was there, but the execution had critics and fans wondering "what if?" (someone who knew what they were doing had directed this mess). Fortunately, (and ironically, sadly) Lucas stepped down from all things Star Wars and sold the Empire to Disney, who have put the film franchise in the seemingly capable hands of J.J. Abrams. Thankfully Lucas will still be around to advise on the films, which may be Lucas' best suited role from here on out.

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