10 Acclaimed Movies Everybody Now Hates

Times change.

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It's hard to believe that some of these films were ever well-received considering the absolute venom that surrounds them now.

Sometimes, films can get swept up in their own releases, and for many reasons achieve a much higher level of critical acclaim or audience praise at the time of release than you'd expect.

Many are products of their time, long tainted by years of technological and social advancement. Some were long-awaited sequels that were overpraised to match their level of anticipation. And some were festival darlings that went on to win Best Picture, only to be hit with a barrage of criticism and controversy once they reached general audiences, both at the time and years later.

Some of these may be guilty pleasures to some, but to most they're poor movies with undeserved Fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, or prestige Awards wins and nominations.

10. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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Yes, once upon a time people liked this movie.

Tim Burton's take on the beloved Roald Dahl used a huge amount of its screentime of almost two hours to show Johnny Depp parading as an extremely erratic version of Willy Wonka, riddled with surreal and completely made up flashbacks concerning Wonka's childhood and relationship with his father.

For many, it was just a bit too bonkers, with the general opinion being that Gene Wilder's take on the character in the 70s was a far more nuanced portrayal of how Wonka "should" be. Wilder stated he couldn't bring himself to watch Depp's version of the character, out of fear he would "be disappointed in him" based on the promotional material.

But believe it or not, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory received raves from critics upon its release in 2005, and audiences seemed to revel in it too, making it the eighth-highest grossing film of the year and giving it an A- CinemaScore. Critics praised Depp's bonkers portrayal as being a bizarre case of classic Burton-esqe charm, and many thought this new take on the character to be a must-see.

Needless to say, most people you ask now will just recommend the 1971 version and nothing else.


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