10 Acting One-Hit Wonders

2. Jaye Davidson

Jaye Davidson gave a mind-blowing, Oscar-nominated performance as Dil in Neil Jordan's superb crime drama The Crying Game, which was a major source of discussion at the time due to the nature of the film's narrative which SPOILER ALERT involved Davidson playing a transsexual man who spends most of the film dressed as a (scarily convincing) woman. Davidson even attended that year's Oscar ceremony in androgynous dress so as not to ruin the surprise for anyone who hadn't gotten around to seeing the film yet. Aside from a role in campy sci-fi Stargate two years later, Davidson has stayed out of the limelight, and it's a real shame, given the talent he demonstrated in this role. Whether he would have been able to escape the considerable shadow cast by starring in such a controversial and singular part is unknown, but we really wish he had tried.

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