10 Action Movie Flops That Deserve A Second Chance

Flop movies are not bad movies.

Columbia Pictures

The trouble with living in a world where everything is about now is that nothing is ever afforded a second chance. If one huge-scale action movie disappoints the audience, everyone shrugs and prepares for the next one the following week.

There is, as we all know, no “best” of anything and time is the only critic whose opinion matters. Some movies that disappoint on their initial viewing may, if given the chance, become future favourites, while movies that stunned in their day become clunkier as time goes by.

Who would’ve thought that a movie like Big Trouble In Little China, which didn’t even crack the US top ten on its original release, would enjoy an afterlife (and a mooted remake starring Dwayne Johnson) while Top Gun, the same year’s biggest hit, becomes campier with each viewing?

In the name of posterity, every movie needs to be given an even break. Well, okay, maybe not Platinum Dunes’ remake of The Hitcher because that was a soulless abomination whose name shall not be spoken above a whisper for the love of God. The offer is good only for movies not produced by Michael Bay.

Here are 10 to consider.


Ian Watson is the author of 'Midnight Movie Madness', a 600+ page guide to "bad" movies from 'Reefer Madness' to 'Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.'