10 Actor/Director Team-Ups We Can't Believe Never Happened

8. Sam Peckinpah And Lee Marvin

Peckinpah Marvin Sam Peckinpah liked to get drunk and shoot his gun. Lee Marvin liked to get drunk and look like he was prepared to shoot a gun - at anyone - at any moment. Surely, a collaboration between Hollywood's grizzliest director and its grouchiest actor would be a match made in heaven? Obviously in dreams, yes; evidently, in reality, no. Marvin was set to star as Pike Bishop in Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch, but he reportedly fell out with the director before filming even began. It's damn poor luck - Marvin has in the past been called - correctly - "the greatest Peckinpah actor never to work with Peckinpah." Hell, Marvin was so Peckinpah, it seemed like Peckinpah was secretly the writer behind every Lee Marvin character that ever existed.

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