10 Actors About To Give Their Most Insane Performance EVER

Move over, Joker. Beau Is Afraid is here.

Beau is Afraid Joaquin Phoenix

While some actors like to simply stay in their lane and make a comfortable if unchallenging living, there are also those artists who love to push themselves by taking roles that leave them firmly outside of their comfort zones.

And we as viewers tend to lap it up - it's always fun to see an actor doing something totally different that marks a brave leap forward from their prior work.

These 10 actors, whether they're partial to picking wild roles or not, are all set to deliver their most surprising, deranged, and challenging performances to date.

We can't yet speak for the quality of each film of course, but from the vibe given by the trailer or photos sneakily taken on-set, it's clear that these roles won't be regular paycheck-collecting gigs for the performers involved.

From brand new Oscar nominees about to let their freak flag fly to perhaps the most famously unhinged actor in the world seeking to somehow one-up himself again, these actors are all about to achieve new depths of cinematic insanity - and we're absolutely here for it...

10. Nicolas Cage - Renfield

Beau is Afraid Joaquin Phoenix

Nicolas Cage is basically unrivalled in his penchant for giving deliriously off-the-wall performances, perhaps best exemplified by his turns in Vampire's Kiss, Face/Off, The Wicker Man, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Mandy, and most recently The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

But Cage looks primed to outdo them all with his upcoming role in comedy-horror film Renfield, where he'll play an especially bonkers iteration of the vampire supreme himself, Count Dracula.

The hysterical trailer re-frames Dracula as an overbearing, toxic, narcissistic boss who treats his long-suffering servant Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) like absolute trash.

Cage, kitted out in an hilariously over-the-top suit and pallid vampiric make-up, also goes the added measure of rocking a wonderfully ridiculous accent. All of this makes his Vampire's Kiss character seem like a positively normal member of society by comparison.

Cage is clearly having a blast in a movie that isn't taking itself one iota too seriously, and should give the legendary actor the floor to give his wackiest - and perhaps his funniest - performance to date.

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