10 Actors And Directors Who Absolutely Hated Each Other

9. Lily Tomlin & David O'Russell 

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Fox Searchlight

Film: I Heart Huckabees

This is not the last you'll see of David O. Russell on this list. As great a director as he may be, he's apparently an insufferable, controlling, short-tempered bastard - that is, if his on-set behavior is anything to go by.

He allegedly made the script supervisor for Three Kings cry; he abused Amy Adams so severely on the set of American Hustle that Christian Bale confronted him about it; he verbally abused Jennifer Lawrence while filming Joy; and that's to mention nothing of the sexual assault allegations against him.

This particular incident, though, involved actress Lily Tomlin. While they were filming I Heart Huckabees, things got a little - uh - heated. Just check it out for yourself. Warning: profanity ahead, if that sort of thing bothers you.

Nice, right? That's what we call a "healthy work environment".

Lily Tomlin has since commented on the drama, stating that she and David love each other. She chocked it up to little more than a family argument, and said she'd love to work with David again should the opportunity arise.


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