10 Actors Arrested Whilst Filming

Drink, drugs and some very bad driving.

Michigan Sheriff's Department

Certain criminal offences are so common that they rarely reach the newspapers. Well, at least that's usually the case unless those offences were committed by a celebrity, of course.

Then it's an entirely different matter.

Generally speaking, celebrities often argue that they have a right to a private life in their down-time, which generally falls on deaf ears as their fans supposedly want to see them 24/7 whether they're filming, recording music or doing whatever it is that defines their fame in the first place. Whether that's right or not depends on who you ask.

Fundamentally, though, actors should expect to see a spike in interest in their behaviour when they're actually filming a movie. For the most part, actors go about their business as model professionals whilst working but at the end of the day, actors are only human and make the same mistakes that other people do.

Stars that slip up and get arrested may find that their reputation is damaged for a bit, but it's not always fatal. A positive of being well known is typically a lighter punishment than one might expect for such an offence. A major negative however is no matter how much time has passed, the Internet will never let these actors forget that they were arrested on the job.

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