10 Actors Completely Wasted In Star Wars

Iconic movie legends, Academy Award-winning sensations, and more actors utterly wasted in Star Wars.

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It's not too difficult to understand why just about every talented soul currently plying their trade in the business of show would quite happily accept the call to appear in an upcoming project set within a galaxy far, far away...

After all, who wouldn't thoroughly enjoying realising a lifelong dream of brandishing an iconic laser sword, firing off a blaster at incoming stormtroopers, or rocketing a ship into hyperspace?

Sadly though, just simply being a devoted fan of all things Force sensitive, or even one of the most gifted performers of your generation, still haven't stopped the following names from either getting lost in the inter-galactic shuffle or downright squandered during their eventual arrival onto the space-aged scene.

And while there is still a small glimmer of hope for many of the figures attached to this list when it comes to finally being given the treatment their talent and dedication undoubtedly deserve - this is the same world that has seen countless icons return from the dead or wilderness for one last hurrah, after all - at this current moment in time, you'll struggle to find a fan of this corner of the galaxy who would claim each of these actors were used to their full potential on the Star Wars stage.

10. Benicio Del Toro

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Making an iconic name for himself bringing enigmatic presences to life in everything from Snatch to Guardians of the Galaxy over the years, the announcement of the one of a kind Benicio Del Toro finally making a splash in the Star Wars pool in Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi left many licking their lips at the mere idea of who he could be bringing to life and what chaos he could be set to let loose on the Sequel Trilogy's feature players.

And with Del Toro himself even noting some time before he'd shot his first scene for the flick that "as a kid I really liked those films, like, way before I ever thought I was going to be in movies", it's clear the distinct performer was as excited as the masses were about showing up as D.J.

Yet, in the end, outside of being a typically enigmatic and compelling presence during Finn and Rose's unwanted detour to Canto Bight, Del Toro's slicer didn't offer an awful lot to the overall tale being told before stabbing the heroes in the back and wandering off into the twin-sunset, never to be seen again.


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