10 Actors Who Just Can't Seem To Realise Their Full Potential

What do these guys have to do for you to love them?

If you sat down with any given number of actors, chances are they would all tell you the same thing: you don't become a star overnight. It may seem as though many simply appear out of thin air to capture the world's attention and steal our hearts, but even the most talented of entertainers have had their own struggles in making their way into the limelight. If there's one thing that the majority of famous actors have in common, it's that they all found the one role that helped to define their careers. This isn't to say that actors who haven't yet had this opportunity are not worth mentioning, but that they simply haven't caught their big break. More often than not, supporting roles can be filled by celebrated actors... but very rarely do you see a supporting actor come out of the woodwork to bring their talent to the forefront. A good number of genuinely talented individuals have yet to land such a role, and until they do, they are doomed to playing the odd side character or villain. This is our nod to 10 of these types of actors - actors who just can't seem to realize their full potential...

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