10 Actors Who Could Play James Bond (And Want To)

10 perfect actors who would jump at the chance to sip a martini in a tuxedo.

As we look forward to the future of 007, of the possible villains that the super-spy could face in the future, and of the upcoming Bond 24 movie, it only seems natural to look past the era of Daniel Craig. But whilst it's all very well and good naming actors who we'd love to see as James Bond, there are those who don't actually want the role. It's quite ironic to think now but Liam Neeson once reportedly turned down the role as he didn't want to be type-cast in action films. Michael Gambon felt he was too old for it. And Clint Eastwood believed that Bond should always remain British. What about the actors who would jump at a chance to sip a martini in a tuxedo? Here are ten of them that have either expressed interest in the part, are fans of the franchise, or have never played down the rumours linking them to the franchise...

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