10 Actors That Were Totally Wasted In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Underwhelming MCU roles for massive talents.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding at a rapid rate. With nine films established in the canon thus far, and three more in the filming, production and development stages respectively, here's a franchise that has already reached an insanely huge size., which is impressive, given that it's only been around for a mere six years. To add to that, there have been some (possibly) joking comments from Marvel€™s President, Kevin Feige, regarding Marvel's plans for the next decade and a half, which basically means that the studio are going to need to hire a hell of a lot more actors to fill their quota. The question is, of course... have Marvel shot themselves in the foot by casting several big name actors in small roles when they might've been better off waiting for the right parts to come along? Take the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, for example: you could certainly argue that Bradley Cooper is wasted on simply voicing Rocket Racoon instead of playing an actual character in another film. That€™s nothing, of course, when you realise that Vin Diesel is set to play a character who is pretty much only ever going to say €œI am Groot€ in a variety of ways. Could he have not played a character which would have allowed him to use a few more of his skills? This isn't an issue pertaining to just Guardians of the Galaxy, though - it's cropped up in most of the nine movies established in the canon so far. Here are the 10 worst offenders; actors who were wasted in the MCU on small, inessential parts that anybody could've played...
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