10 Actors That Will Star In Just About Anything

These guys take more than the occasional paycheck gig.

Just like the rest of us mere mortals, actors need to pay the bills too. Of course, they get paid a lot more money, their bills are a lot more expensive and traveling to exotic locations all over the world sounds like a lot more fun than the daily grind in an office, kitchen, building site or bar, but at the end of the day, it is their job. While a large number of big-name actors only work sporadically, holding out for the right part before signing on to any given project, there are plenty of others that seem to accept every offer that's made available to them. In Hollywood, there is a fine line between taking a role solely for the money and permanently tarnishing a hard-earned reputation with a string of awful projects. With that in mind, its time to look at some names that seem unable to say no to anything that comes their way, a method that has frequently resulted in a black mark on their filmography. A lot of these guys have almost 100 screen credits to their name and obviously aren't short of cash, but the offer of an easy paycheck is just too tempting to resist. The list features some true legends of cinema, and both Academy Award and Razzie Award winners, and all have a filmography that is rapidly filling up with terrible choices.


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