10 Actors Totally Wasted In 2021 Movies

These talented actors weren't given a chance to shine in their various 2021 movie appearances.

Venom 2

As the world of big screen cinema finally appears to be gathering steam once again, there's never been a better time to find yourself front and centre in an upcoming blockbuster, Oscar contender, or other independent offering.

However, just because you're set to appear in something that will finally be seen by a group of people not sat at home in their underwear, crying away the tears brought about by another day locked indoors, doesn't necessarily mean you're guaranteed to blow audiences away with your turn.

That's not necessarily always a performer's fault, though. As 2021 has taught us time and time again, even the most accomplished of feature film thespians still have the capacity to be utterly wasted by the time their project crawls into theatres.

Either due to not being given the appropriate screen time to genuinely shine or the proper platform to strut their stuff, this bunch of actors all undoubtedly deserved better when all was said and done.

From zombie-killing dads being sold short, to symbiote-dodging detectives getting lost in the shuffle, you really never know which talented soul is going to get squandered next...

10. Jai Courtney - The Suicide Squad

Venom 2
Warner Bros.

Now, admittedly you have every right to glance at this entry and scoff at your humble writer. For the fact that James Gunn had the sheer audacity to do away with a large section of this pre-announced cast in the opening stages of his soft-sequel to the lacklustre 2016 Suicide Squad was enough to elicit roars of laughter throughout cinemas the world over.

However, that Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang was caught in that initial sh*t storm on the beach is still a rather difficult pill to swallow for some. Of the many elements that simply did not click during David Ayer's studio-butchered attempt at unveiling the squad, Courtney's wise-cracking, sharp-edged-boomerang-wielding criminal was one of the few that did. And fans were positively stoked at the potential of him being handled with care by Gunn in this follow-up.

Sure, he still made the most of what little time he shared with us in the riot of a DC entry, but seeing him massacred by helicopter blades was a seriously devastating blow to anyone who was geared up to see Courtney having the time of his life with the rest of the gang for an extended Suicide spell.


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