10 Actors Who Turned Down Roles In Star Wars

6. Hugh Quarshie - Captain Panaka

English actor Hugh Quarshie took on the role as Captain Panaka - head of the Royal Naboo Guard - in the first Star Wars prequel. He was set to reprise his role in Episode II however conflict arose between the actor and the producers and Quarshie ended up dropping out. This lead to his character being completely written out and replaced with a new one - Security Captain Typho as portrayed by Jay Laga'aia. The controversy arose when Quarshie was denied access to the full script. Lucasfilm deemed it sufficient that the actor read the scenes he was in and no more but Quarshie took issue to this and ultimately decided to drop out of the project altogether. Clearly it was decided that the role was not crucial enough to re-cast or give-in to the actor's demands (which were not overtly outlandish) and neither Panaka or Quarshie were seen again, outside of UK BBC One hospital drama €“ and housewives favourite €“ Holby City.

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