10 Actors Who Admit To Bombing Big Auditions

8. Michael Cera - The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense Michael Cera
Columbia Pictures

The movie: The 1999 thriller was to auspicious debut of M. Night Shyamalan and is still regarded today as having one of the greatest twist endings ever. It also introduced the world to the considerable talent of young Haley Joel Osment, who, like Shyamalan, NEVER lost favor with the movie-going public.

The actor: Michael Cera became everyone's favorite awkward goof thanks to roles in Arrested Development and Superbad. Unfortunately, Cera has yet to break out of that mold in later years. The closest he came was, ironically, playing himself in This Is the End. Perhaps an early role in a massively successful ghost story would have changed his path.

The audition: Let this be a lesson for all young auditioning actors; context is very important.

"I auditioned for The Sixth Sense, which I didn't know was about seeing dead people. They didn't mention that in the breakdown. After seeing the movie, and remembering the scene they had me read... It was the scene with the penny. Bruce Willis is saying, 'I can't be your doctor anymore,' and Haley Joel Osment starts crying and slides the penny over to him. It's a very emotional scene. And I did not do it that way. I did it upbeat. I said 'Some magic's real'".


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