10 Actors Who Are Better Choice For James Bond Than Tom Hardy

The names Hardy.... Tom Hardy, and I'm not the perfect choice for Bond.


Bond is a role that many actors aspire to achieve, and the ones that do often discuss how difficult it is to escape, such is the appeal and star power of the character. Reoccurring parts that always remain but replace their actors bring a lot of joy when it comes to those who love fan casting, and Bond has always been one of the top prizes for those who love to speculate.

With the recent withdraw of betting stats on Tom Hardy suggesting that Bond could very well be in his future, it's time to discuss how that would work. Tom Hardy is a terrific performer, and there is no doubt that he could make for a good version of the character, but there are other options that would be better suited.

Sure, he is very recognisable, and it would be difficult to see the character as James Bond and not simply Tom Hardy. Whilst a lot of the actors on this list are similarly high profile none quite match up to the level of stardom that Hardy has achieved.

These options seem like a better fit for the character, in regards to their position in the industry and what they would bring to the part.


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