10 Actors Who Begged For Their Character NOT To Die

Barristan Selmy deserved better!

Barriston Selmy

It's fair to say that a death in a television show or blockbuster film can go one of two ways. Either it becomes the shining light of a franchise's direction, score, and performance, impacting an audience more than any other scene and becoming one of the most memorable moments for them, or it goes the complete opposite way and alienates everyone completely.

There have been countless death scenes in the world of entertainment over the years that have been nothing more than just cheap attempts at scoring some high-impact moments of drama. So often these deaths come out of the blue and only happen because an individual acts so out of character all of a sudden. Not only does this alienate audiences, but it can lead to actors being traumatised and upset themselves.

In order to really sell a role, actors have to become their characters every time they step in front of the camera. They begin to understand their norms and personalities better than anyone else and, as such, they arguably are the best sources for picking out when their time on screen is up. Here our ten actors who were unhappy with how their characters bowed out, and begged for directors and producers to reconsider.

10. Sean Bean - World On Fire

Barriston Selmy

Sean Bean is an actor seemingly cursed to die with every character he portrays. Mainly playing the bad guys in his films, Bean has had everything from his throat slit, being flung from a satellite dish, hung from some chains and buried alive over the course of his long career, as well as his two most famous demises as Boromir in The Fellowship Of The Ring and Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones.

However, apparently all this dying does actually begin to grate on an actor and Bean joined in with the 2014 online cause to 'Stop Killing Sean Bean'. According to Bean himself, he turned down several jobs after cornering their producers over plans for his character, and he took this one step further with the BBC drama World On Fire.

Bean claimed that before he signed onto the role, he specifically pleaded with the show's producers to tell them what the fate of his character would be. Tired of having his performances overshadowed by audiences knowing that he was going to die at some point the, Bean said to the producers that he would allow most serious injuries but drew the line at dying any more times.


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