10 Actors Who BLAMED Fans For Films Failing

Or maybe... just maybe... your film sucked?

Hellboy David Harbour

The harsh reality of modern Hollywood is that a movie can make back two or three times its budget at the box office and still be considered a flop.

It sometimes feels like anything not carrying the Marvel name is ultimately doomed to failure, whether financial, critical, or - perhaps most importantly - in the wider cultural narrative.

With this perceived underperformance comes the inevitable inquest, with meddling studios, actors' egos, and socio-economic factors all offered up as sacrificial lambs on the altar of cinematic mediocrity.

Sometimes though - unbelievable as it may sound - it is us, the audience, who shoulder the blame, as stars and studios alike outright blame fans for a movie's shortcomings.

Talk about burning bridges...

When not even the holy "Star Wars" name is an iron-clad guarantee of success the way it once was, and with the narrative of review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic foremost in the public consciousness, studio executives, directors, producers and actors alike are arguably under more scrutiny than ever before.

The pressure to deliver the next Avengers: End Game-sized smash is palpable, and weighs on film makers like the One Ring around Frodo Baggins' neck, and it is perhaps for this reason the guys and gals of Hollywood have set their sights on us consumers as the source of their embarrassment.

10. Mindy Kaling - Ocean's 8

Hellboy David Harbour
Warner Bros.

A spin-off from the established "Ocean's" franchise, 2018's Ocean's 8 cast an all female lead to tell an original story revolving around the titular character of Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock).

Debuting at number one in its opening weekend, reviews and word of mouth spoke of a solid, charming film, but one which ultimately fell short of its goals and failed to match the heights of its parent franchise.

In what will sadly become something of a recurring theme here, actress Mindy Kaling decided to focus her frustrations about the underperformance of Ocean's 8 not on "Fans" in general, rather on a more specific social group: white men.

Taking aim not only at the ticket buying public but also movie reviewers, Kaling claimed that people's opinions of the movie were skewed by "men who don’t necessarily value it or don’t look at it in the same point of view as a woman doing it, (which) seems just unfair.”

Going further, Kaling also stated that if she "had to base my career on what white men wanted I would be very unsuccessful", adding her belief that white male audiences will "damn" her work "because they don’t understand it".

Wow... Can anyone else smell those sour, sour grapes..?

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