10 Actors Who BLAMED Fans For Films Failing

9. Ahmed Best - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

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Widely acknowledged as the worst Star Wars film of the entire saga, the problems with The Phantom Menace are well documented, so will not be recapped here.

The majority of flack, however, was aimed at Ahmed Best's character, the clumsy Gungan Jar Jar Binks.

People hated the character with enough vitriol to risk a fall to the Dark Side, and Best's career was left in ruin and Best himself in reciept of death threats following the movie's release.

He is, however, quick to defend himself and his character to the angry fans.

“There is a heart to Jar Jar that people don’t get. As Qui-Gon and Jar Jar are walking through the forest, he says, ‘I owe you a life debt.’” But that sincere moment is soon eclipsed... I did my job. I was believable enough for you to believe that this character existed. The fact that you hate Jar Jar—I still did the job.”

Commenting on the fact that Jar Jar is such a universally loathed figure - a meme at this point - Best says:

"There are so many layers to Jar Jar that people did not look at, because everyone was ready to be angry.”

Mesa thinks hesa kinda got a point...

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