10 Actors Who Broke Down On The Set Of Famous Movies

10. Bill Murray Tells Lucy Liu She Can't Act; Lucy Liu Opens A Can Of Whoop-Ass On Bill Murray - Charlie's Angels

Charlies Angels Bill Murray Lucy Liu
Columbia Pictures

Most people think Bill Murray is hilarious, but chances are that there's one person who really, seriously doesn't agree: Lucy Liu. Liu starred alongside Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in the modern movie remake of TV show Charlie's Angels, of course, and Bill Murray played their friend and confidant Bosley.

For some reason, though, Bill Murray reportedly decided to turn to Lucy Liu on set one day and said: "You can't act." Oh, Bill. Presumably Liu already had with beef with Murray at this point, given that she launched into a series of physical attacks, throwing punches at the actor until the production was eventually shut down for a day so that everyone could cool off.

Okay, so it's understandable that Liu broke down if Murray was antagonising her, but one aspect of this seems like it might've been overlooked: are we sure Murray wasn't talking to Barrymore? That would make a lot more sense.


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