10 Actors Who CHEATED Incredible Body Transformations For Movies

Who needs the gym when you've got rubber and latex?

Vinnie Jones Juggernaut

Film fans love nothing more than when an actor undergoes a total transformation for a movie role. We lavish the likes of Christian Bale and Tom Hardy with extra praise because of their willingness to put their bodies through hell for the total immersion of their performances. And we get the added bonus of seeing these titans of acting in totally new ways.

It's no surprise, then, that there's an even greater currency attached on bodily transformations now. This is, after all, the age of the superhero, where our stars have to reflect the wildest imaginations of comic book artists. And that takes an awful lot of preparation.

But seriously, who has time for months and months of gym work and getting up before the sun to 10 pounds of chicken a day and to make every muscle in your body hurt so that someone can criticise the script anyway? It's far easier just to cheat and pull off an extreme body transformation using trickery...

Honourable Mention


Ludacris Abs

The Fast & Furious series biggest star, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, knows the value of hard work in getting to his monstrous size, but who needs the nonsense of getting up at 4am and sweating for 16 hours a day in the gym when you can take a leaf out of his co-star Ludacris' book and simply have someone Photoshop you some tasty pecs and abs?

The rapper turned actor caused a stir in his music video for "Vitamin D" (because, you see, it's about his penis) when he rocked some CG-abs that looked like the effects team from The Scorpion King had painted them on.

At least he had the good grace to make a joke about. Some Hollywood stars don't even acknowledge their cheating openly...

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