10 Actors Who CHEATED Incredible Body Transformations For Movies

10. Will Smith - Aladdin

Disney Aladdin Genie Will Smith

When Will Smith's new Genie look was unveiled for the live-action remake of Aladdin, people took the streets of the Internet to wail loudly at the insult to the memory of Robin Williams. This was not Their Genie. Hell, this vaguely fat-looking monstrosity (and yes, people genuinely DID fat shame a CGI magical character) wasn't even their Will Smith.

It was all very ridiculous, because the Genie in the final movie is absolutely huge. He's clearly been on the weights inside his Itty Bitty Living Space, judging by the rippling muscles that make it seem that Will Smith prepared for the role by bulking and shredding.

Except he didn't really, because he had a body double. The muscles actually belong to Adam Basil, long-time stunt worker who has worked on the likes of Game Of Thrones, Justice League and who stood in as the body double for the Beast in Beauty & The Beast too.

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